DIY solutions for your smart home

A smarter home without complicated technology: HOMEPILOT fulfils all your wishes and transforms your home into a smart home thanks with its simple plug-and-play design. From individual solutions to complete home automation, the wireless system provides you with comfort and security in your daily life, while helping you to save energy and adapting fully to your needs. Want a smart home? Nothing could be easier! Access a whole world of possibilities with HOMEPILOT.

Hue compatibility with HOMEPILOT: It’s a match – discover full light diversity

Would you like to experience mood lighting in a new way? With HOMEPILOT and its Philips Hue compatibility, you can create a unique ambience at any time and avail of even more possibilities for smart lighting control. Replace ordinary light bulbs with Philips Hue lights. In combination with the addZ Stick, you can register Zigbee lights and Zigbee adapter plugs directly on the Gateway premium.

Talk to Alexa

Your home listens when you speak: the HOMEPILOT wireless system gets along excellently with the Amazon Alexa Smart Home voice assistant and simplifies numerous everyday processes. Control individual devices, create routines, and activate them by voice command. This makes your voice-activated Smart Home even smarter and your everyday life more comfortable. Try it yourself: let Alexa help you out!

Control your Smart Home using your voice: Talk to Google!

Control smart devices, create processes, and call up status requests by voice control: Google Assistant makes it possible. Simply say what you want, and the voice assistant triggers the appropriate action – whether for individual devices or complex routines within the HOMEPILOT wireless system. Everything runs automatically, without you having to lift a finger.

Talk to Siri

"Hey Siri, do that for me!" Your home follows every command you say: Bring Apple's voice assistant, Siri, from your iPhone to your Smart Home and control networked devices in the HOMEPILOT wireless system using your voice! Switch and dim the light, move the shutters into position, adjust your smart radiator , or call up set routines: there is a suitable short command for every wish and every situation. Siri is constantly learning and makes your daily life even easier.

Use ONVIF cameras with HOMEPILOT: Everything in view, at all times

Is everything OK at home? Smart security technology gives you peace of mind at all times. Integrate cameras with the ONVIF interface into the HOMEPILOT wireless system and keep an eye on everything on your smartphone: with the HOMEPILOT app, you can access camera images from anywhere and check that everything is as it should be. Try it out! HOMEPILOT supports ONVIF cameras (profile T) from the following manufacturers: Bosch, Abus and Axis.