Use ONVIF cameras

Use ONVIF cameras

Use ONVIF cameras with HOMEPILOT

Everything in view, at all times

Is everything OK at home? Smart security technology gives you peace of mind at all times, and a great all-round feeling. Integrate cameras with the ONVIF interface into the HOMEPILOT wireless system and keep an eye on everything on your smartphone: with the HOMEPILOT app, you can access camera images from anywhere and check that everything is as it should be. Try it out! HOMEPILOT supports ONVIF cameras (profile T) from the manufacturers Bosch Security Systems, Abus, or Axis.

Connecting ONVIF cameras to HOMEPILOT - 
How it works

The classic solution for warm white light

You want to retrofit smart cameras in your home? With HOMEPILOT, you don't need any complicated technology, just compatible cameras with an ONVIF interface. This interface allows you to integrate ONVIF Profile-T-compliant cameras from Bosch Security Systems, Abus, or Axis. Install cameras in the indoor and outdoor areas you want to keep an eye on and integrate them into the HOMEPILOT system. Just let the Gateway premium search for your already installed camera.

Have images sent to your smartphone when your camera detects motion. Tip: the manufacturers Bosch Security Systems, Abus, and Axis also offer ONVIF Profile-T-compliant cameras that react to movements. With the HOMEPILOT wireless system, you can integrate the cameras with motion detection into other routines, for example for automatic light switching. This way, the cameras complement the functionality of door and window contacts or classic motion detectors and facilitate the comprehensive status monitoring of your home.

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