DIY solutions for your smart home

A smarter home without complicated technology: HOMEPILOT fulfils all your wishes and transforms your home into a smart home thanks with its simple plug-and-play design. From individual solutions to complete home automation, the wireless system provides you with comfort and security in your daily life, while helping you to save energy and adapting fully to your needs. Want a smart home? Nothing could be easier! Access a whole world of possibilities with HOMEPILOT.

Smart roller blind control

Opening your blinds in the morning, closing them in the evening... All this is a thing of the past thanks to the HOMEPILOT wireless system. Simply program the roller blind controls based on your routines and then everything works automatically. Electric roller blinds, venetian blinds and patio awnings save you a lot of work in your daily life. Open and close your venetian blinds very easily and from anywhere: via the app, in situ using voice control or by pressing the button on your smart wall switch. Or automate controlling your roller blinds by setting customised times based on your needs. Add an environmental sensor and your house can even adapt to the weather: if there is sudden rain, strong wind or scorching heat, your roller blinds close automatically to prevent damage to your house or stop your rooms heating up. And to top it all off, our beltwinders, roller blind motors and electric blind drives can be easily fitted with plug-and-play, even if you are a tenant or live in an older building. Simply replace the existing installation with the wireless electrical solutions and choose all the settings directly in the app. Smart comfort is so easy to add to your daily life!

Be comfortable at home, the smart way

The right level of comfort at the right time: smart controls for lighting and heating make your home comfortable in every respect. Smart technology ensures that you can enjoy a pleasant interior in all situations and circumstances. Sit back and control the temperature and lighting in your home from any room. All you need is your smartphone! Smart light sources allow you to connect up your home in a particularly spectacular way. One of HOMEPILOT's great advantages is that its wireless system is compatible with the smart Philips HUE, Ikea Trådfri, Ledvance Smart+, Tint and Innr bulbs, which open up a fascinating range of possibilities. Whether you have lamps, floor lamps, ceiling or wall lights, string lights or outdoor lighting, you can connect different light sources and control them all with a single app. Switching on and off, dimming, adjusting the colour of the light and modulating the colour temperature are all easily done with a touch of a finger or even voice control. Our tip for even more comfort and convenience: connect smart lighting to your heating and electric roller blinds to create your own scenarios for different occasions. At the touch of a button, you can create the perfect atmosphere for a great evening in front of Netflix: the lights dim, the blinds close and the heating is set to the desired temperature.

Remote control & automation

Via the app when you are out and about, using voice control or automatically when you are at home, the HOMEPILOT wireless system gives you total control over your smart home. The possibilities for remote monitoring and automation are as individual as your routines and expectations. Your smartphone becomes a universal mobile remote control for all uses. Switch on and dim the lights from the comfort of your sofa, adjust the room temperature precisely, open and close the roller blinds at the touch of a finger or run more complex scenarios. Don't have your smartphone to hand? No problem! You can control your smart home with voice control using Alexa or Google Home. For even more convenience, you can also automate functions: create schedules or use Astro functions to adapt technical processes to your daily routine. For example, you can program your system to preheat your bathroom in the morning before you wake up and to keep your living room pleasantly warm after your day's work. Are your routines changing? Again, no problem! You can adjust functions, settings and scenarios at any time via the app! Want to be even smarter? Environmental sensors, weather stations and door and window contacts can make your home even smarter. The home automation system then reacts flexibly to different situations and weather conditions. The roller blinds close if there is heavy rain, strong wind or intense heat, for example, and the heating is switched off as soon as you open a window.

Make yourself comfortable with HOMEPILOT

Desired temperature on demand: With the smart heating control from HOMEPILOT, your home is always set to a comfortable climate. You can control the temperature in every room easily and energy-efficiently via the HOMEPILOT app or automate the heating with time programs and personal routines. Make yourself comfortable and save energy with the smart home thermostats and your smart heating from HOMEPILOT!

Doors & security

Whether you're away for several weeks on a family holiday or just a day trip, the feeling of wellbeing is always there when your home does the thinking for you. Wirelessly add smoke detectors, motion sensors and door/window contacts into your Smart Home system and keep an eye on everything when you're on the move. With this smart security technology, you can protect your home from unwanted visitors, even from a distance. For example, when you are away, you can program your system to turn on the lights in certain rooms to simulate a presence and deter burglars. If something goes wrong (say a window is damaged or a door is broken into), your house informs you on your smartphone