The garage: your first step towards a smart home

The garage: your first step towards a smart home

The garage: your first step towards a smart home

Smart garage door

Yesterday an ordinary door, today a smart door: thanks to the HOMEPILOT system, integrating your garage door into your smart home is incredibly simple. Once installed via plug-and-play, the electric motor can be wirelessly linked to other applications and smart devices, such as outdoor lighting. Now, every time you come home, your smart home will greet you with a garage door that is already open, with a driveway that is already illuminated. Simplify your life and focus on other things!

A smart motor, for enhanced comfort: Opening and closing at the touch of a button: with an electric motor, your garage door moves by itself, without you having to get out of your car or look for your key. Save yourself unnecessary running around and manual effort. A smart garage door brings added convenience to your everyday life.
Safety first: Numerous automated functions make operating the garage door completely safe. Obstacle detection: the motor stops if it detects an obstacle while closing. Anti-theft protection: after a maximum of three minutes, the door closes automatically to avoid the garage from being left open by mistake.
An control system adapted to each individual: Via an app, a connected wall switch or a remote control: with HOMEPILOT, you can operate your garage door flexibly and always in the way that suits you best. The app allows you to keep an eye on everything, even when you're not at home, and to easily control your garage door remotely.

Choose automation and modernise your garage door yourself

The HOMEPILOT system is also ideal when you want to turn your garage door into a smart door: wirelessly controlled, it is flexible, safe and extremely easy to install. Connect the electric motor to any component via plug-and-play and expand your smart home. Would you like to convert your garage door into a smart door? There are three steps to follow: 1. Install the electric motor. Follow the instructions in the manual, step by step, and observe the safety instructions. 2. Set the garage door stops via the display and the menu buttons. Important: begin with the top stops. The last reference run allows the door to ""learn"" where the stops are positioned. 3. Final step: connect the motor to the HOMEPILOT app and other Smart Home applications (e.g. outdoor lighting) via the wireless interface. In a video, our team of specialists will show you, step by step, how to install and configure your garage door motor. Your devices are of course also supplied with a detailed manual.

Automatic opening and closing: a smart garage door will make your daily life much easier.

Smart but simple: install smart technology via plug-and-play to automate your garage door.

Control your garage door easily via an app, remote control or smart wall switch.

What do I need to control my garage door the smart way?

Control your garage door via an app and enjoy enhanced comfort and security in your everyday life!

Premium smart home hub: the central control unit of your Smart Home, allowing you to control smart devices via the application

Premium smart garage door motor: bringing comfort and security to your everyday life

You can control your garage door using the app. Also very practical: the remote control, which you can hang on your bunch of keys.

Our app - your cockpit

With the intuitive app you become the HOMEPILOT! The app allows you to control your smart devices, query states and automate them via routines. And with the practical dashboard, you have everything in view at all times.

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