Set for a
feel-good atmosphere

Set for a
feel-good atmosphere

Set for a feel-good atmosphere

Make yourself comfortable with HOMEPILOT

Desired temperature on demand: with the smart heating control from HOMEPILOT, your home is always set to a comfortable temperature. You can control the temperature in each room easily and energy-efficiently via the HOMEPILOT app or automate the heating with time programmes and personal routines. Make yourself comfortable and save energy with the Smart Home thermostats from HOMEPILOT!

Smart heating control

Heat efficiently and enjoy greater comfort: with intelligent technology, your heating runs automatically - just the way you want it to. Smart thermostats on the radiators or on the wall regulate the space heaters throughout your home and help you cut energy costs. With time programmes and automations, you can easily adapt the heating control to suit your daily routine: when you get up in the morning, the bathroom is already at a pleasant temperature. If no one is home during the day, the heating goes into energy-saving mode. A cosy, warm living room welcomes you at the end of the day. In conjunction with the HOMEPILOT wireless system, you can control the heating from anywhere using the HOMEPILOT app on your smartphone, or conveniently by voice control. Set times, rooms, and your personal desired temperatures in the app to automate room regulation. If you combine the thermostats with other Smart Home devices, you can control them together with just one command. For example, if you're keen to get a relaxed movie night started, several desired actions start simultaneously with the home cinema routine: the heating switches to the desired temperature, while the shutters close and the lighting dims. With the HOMEPILOT wireless system, you can easily retrofit smart devices for heating control by means of plug-and-play - without complex technology and even if you rent or live in an old building.

Smart radiator thermostat: the desired temperature in every room

"Keep an eye on energy consumption and always enjoy a comfortable living environment: the electric radiator thermostat from HOMEPILOT automatically regulates the room temperature according to your specifications. In contrast to the HOMEPILOT room thermostat, you mount the actuator directly onto the radiator to control the valve. The electric thermostat can be fitted to any standard rotary control on the radiator and replaces the existing fitting by means of a plug-and-play system. You can keep an eye on the temperature in degrees on the illuminated display on the device. You can manually set your desired temperature between 4 and 28 degrees using the buttons. Frost protection detection prevents rooms that you don't use so often from cooling down. If you want to heat up a room very quickly, you can use the boost function. The radiator thermostat can be controlled particularly efficiently and conveniently via your Smart Home system. With the HOMEPILOT app, you can also access the actuator on the radiator valve and change the room temperature while out and about. Create smart scenes for heating automation is every bit as simple: for example, if no one is at home during the day, the actuator switches to energy-saving mode and only raises the temperature again in the evening when the family arrives home. If you have just put your feet up and would like to have it even cosier or a little bit cooler, you can conveniently adjust the temperature via the app, or using voice control with Siri, Amazon Alexa, or Google Assistant. Practical: the HOMEPILOT radiator thermostat detects open windows and then automatically turns down the heating. If you close the window, the heating automatically goes back up. This way, no valuable energy is lost. Thanks to an internal sensor, you can easily use the radiator thermostat as a stand-alone solution. For an even better overview and enhanced flexibility, connect it wirelessly to the HOMEPILOT room thermostat. This optionally serves as a measuring and control centre for up to 20 actuators on your radiators.

Smart room thermostat: the feel-good wall-mounted climate control centre

"The smart room thermostat from HOMEPILOT measures and regulates the temperatures in each of your rooms automatically. Once mounted on the wall, you can control the individual heaters flexibly according to your preferences and specifications - either at the touch of a button, by app, or by voice control. You can keep an eye on the room temperatures via the display and regulate them manually using the plus and minus buttons directly on the unit. You can also switch between manual and automatic control at the touch of a button and automate the heating with weekly programmes. For example, you can set up to six heating or cooling phases with individual target temperatures for each day. If you want to control the heating via the app, then integrate the smart thermostat smart into the HOMEPILOT wireless system. It then functions as a measuring and control centre for up to 20 smart radiator thermostats, i.e. actuators on your radiators. These synchronise their setpoint temperatures with the room thermostat every 15 minutes. In combination with other Smart Home components, you can optimise the room climate with individual routines and automations. Connect the room thermostat to electric roller shutters, environmental sensors, or door and window contacts, for example. The sensors detect when you open a window and transmit the information to the thermostat. It automatically switches off the heating so that no energy is lost. Depending on the configuration and the situation, further actions may be triggered. If, for example, weather sensors detect high external temperatures and strong solar radiation, the roller shutters close so that rooms do not heat up excessively. You also have the option to connect an external temperature sensor to measure or limit the room temperature with even greater accuracy. With its versatile automations, the thermostat is ideal for climate control in your conservatory, for example. In combination with HOMEPILOT, you can perfectly control the shading of the large window areas. If, for example, the smart thermostat detects strong heat from the summer sun, it sends this data to the HOMEPILOT. This, in turn, starts the ""Shading"" routine and lowers the sun protection so that the conservatory does not heat up any further. You have underfloor heating? Just like your electric radiators, you can also control your underfloor heating precisely using the small device, thus saving energy and money. The thermostat is mounted on the wall by means of plug-and-play and connects to the mains power using connection terminals. The flush-mounted installation for interiors fits all commercially available switch inserts with a 50 x 50 millimetre design.

5 tips for smart heating

No question, heating is expensive. The good news: With HOMEPILOT you can turn your home into a feel-good zone and only use heating energy when you really need it. That's good for your wallet and for the environment. At the same time, you don't have to do without cozy warmth and comfort. The smart technology automatically regulates the temperature in your living room, bedroom or bathroom to the exact point - when and how you want. This is how you get through the cold season. HOMEPILOT shows you the many advantages of smart heating and how you can easily retrofit your smart heating control.

Energy efficiency in the smart home

HOMEPILOT knows at what temperature you feel most comfortable and heats each room according to your daily routine and preferences. And the lamps switch off automatically when you don't need them. In this way, you use valuable energy efficiently and in an environmentally conscious way - and can save money.

Our app - your cockpit

With the intuitive app you become the HOMEPILOT! The app allows you to control your smart devices, query states and automate them via routines. And with the practical dashboard, you have everything in view at all times.

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