Reduce your energy consumption

Reduce your energy consumption

Reduce your energy consumption

Reduce costs without compromising your comfort

HOMEPILOT knows what temperature is best for you and heats each of your rooms according to your daily schedule and preferences. It also automatically switches off your lamps when you are not using them. A solution that allows you to use energy in an efficient and environmentally friendly manner, while saving money.

Intelligent heating
Desired temperature
Integrate roller shutters
Reduce consumption
Heating accounts for about 70% of the energy you use in your home. Linking your heating to a smart control system can therefore result in substantial savings. It allows you to set the heating to your desired level in each of your rooms and activate it only when needed.
Make your heating smart, then kick back and relax: HOMEPILOT automatically brings every room in your house to the desired temperature. Using an app, you can also control your heating flexibly at any time and freely delete or change the predefined times.
In winter, lowered roller blinds provide additional insulation and help to keep the house warm. Controlled by HOMEPILOT's smart solar or weather sensor, they block the heat in the summer, avoiding the need to cool the rooms. And all of this happens fully automatically.
Only switching on electrical appliances, lamps, or the TV only when they are in use saves a vast amount of electricity. Activate them using smart adapters, which you can control either via a switch on the device or integrate directly into your HOMEPILOT Smart Home unit. The adapters are also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

Reduce electricity consumption: heating, lamps, and electrical appliances only operate when you need them.

Feel good while saving money: automatically heat your rooms to the desired temperature, without ever exceeding it.

Stay in control conveniently: you can control your smart home centrally, via a wall switch, using our app, or using your voice.

What do I need to set up a smart heating system?

Smart heating control not only provides you with pleasant warmth at the desired time, but also improves the energy efficiency of your home.

With HOMEPILOT Smart Home, you can create individual home automation scenarios and set up automatic processes!

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Smart radiator thermostat: save on heating costs and transform each of your rooms into a personalised comfort space.

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Door/window magnetic contact: if your windows or external doors are open, the smart sensor switches off the heating

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Smart TRV starter set 2 zones

Control the temperature of your living space according to your preferred time or reduce your energy consumption by monitoring the status of windows and doors. This starter set makes it easy to get started with more energy efficiency and automated control of your radiators.
  • More comfort
  • Save energy
  • Controllable via app

Our app - your cockpit

With the intuitive app you become the HOMEPILOT! The app allows you to control your smart devices, query states and automate them via routines. And with the practical dashboard, you have everything in view at all times.

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