Smart highlights
for your home

Smart highlights
for your home

Smart highlights for your home

Let it that feel-good mood

Dimmed light in the home cinema, soft light to wake you up in the morning, and cosy lighting for dinner: with a smart lighting control system, you can determine the atmosphere in your home and create the right lighting mood for every occasion. Sometimes colourful and festive, cool or warm white, dimmed or brightly lit - adapt the lighting to your wishes at any time. With HOMEPILOT, lighting design is in your hands!

Get more out of your lighting

With HOMEPILOT, you can manage your lighting according to your preferences. Switching, dimming, changing the light colour and colour temperature - all this is possible via an app, voice control, smart wall switches, or completely automatically. Control individual lamps from the comfort of your couch, combine several lamps into groups, and create personal routines to call up the suitable lighting mood with the tap of a finger. In this way, you can create a unique ambience in which you can feel comfortable, relax, or concentrate - depending on your needs at any given moment. Smart lighting control is convenient and also saves energy: on your way to work you remember that you forgot to switch off the kitchen light? Just sort it out from there! It's easy to do via the app, and you can immediately see whether other lights in the house or flat are switched on. Or adapt the lighting to your daily routine and automate the lighting according to predefined times: for example, define when you want to be woken up by soft light in the morning. Times set during the week can differ from times set for the weekend. When you are on holiday, you can err on the safe side with random mode: the lighting then switches on and off automatically at irregular times so that, to strangers looking in from outside, it appears that someone is at home. In the Smart Home, it's not just ""lights on or lights off"": discover your options for smart lighting control with HOMEPILOT!

Smart dimmer - Switch, dim, and relax

"Whether it's a series marathon, a cosy dinner, or a social gathering with friends: dimmed light creates a pleasant atmosphere in which to relax at the end of the day. With the smart dimmer from HOMEPILOT, you can switch and control all dimmable 230-volt lights from the comfort of your couch. Connect the actuator to selected light sources via app and flexibly adjust the brightness - with a tap on your smartphone, by voice control, remote control, or at the touch of a button via wall switch. The smart dimmer automatically selects the appropriate dimming mode for the connected light sources. With extensive automatic functions and setting options, you have a fascinating array of possibilities when it comes to creating the lighting mood: create individual lighting scenes for different rooms and situations, save favourite brightness values, and set the dimming speed for individual lights. Even if you rent or live in an old building, you can still use the HOMEPILOT smart dimmer to control your lighting. With the plug-and-play principle, you can upgrade it in no time at all and integrate it into your Smart Home system via a wireless interface. Tip: Connect the dimmer with other components in the HOMEPILOT wireless system and create comprehensive room automations, for example in combination with the heating and electric roller shutters. This way, you not only control the lighting with a tap of your finger, but several applications at the same time: to create the right ambience in your home cinema, the light dims, the shutters close, and the heating warms the living room to the desired temperature. Light on, light off, and everything in between: smart dimmers are considered technical basics for intelligent lighting control. With the solutions from HOMEPILOT, it's simple plug-and-play!

Smart wall switch - switch to feel-good mode

"Light on or light off: with the HOMEPILOT wall switch, you can switch the lighting on and off as usual using a classic switch - but with many more options! One press of a button is all it takes to control and dim several lamps simultaneously. Connect up to 24 light sources and save yourself that trip to the light switch in various different rooms. When you come home, you have light wherever you need it at the touch of a button- for example in the stairwell and hallway to take off your shoes and jacket, and meanwhile the kitchen and living room are already perfectly lit. When you go to bed at night, you can turn off all the lights in the house or flat with just one switch. With the HOMEPILOT wireless system, not only can you switch and dim individual lamps or areas, you can also create an atmospheric ambience in the room as a whole, at the touch of a button. Set the desired functions via the app and control the lighting, heating, and shutters via the smart wall switch. For example, you can create the perfect atmosphere for a home cinema night: the shutters close, while the light dims and the living room is heated to the desired temperature. The smart switch from HOMEPILOT can be easily installed on the wall, as a single or multiple push-button switch, within a plug-and-play system. Connect and control up to 24 light sources or other wireless electrical devices with your Smart Home app.

Smart adapter plug - plug in and enjoy smart control

"Plug-and-play, for smart lighting throughout the house or in your flat: with the adapter plug from HOMEPILOT, you can transform ordinary lamps into smart light sources in no time at all and control them conveniently via an app on your smartphone, a hand-held transmitter, a wall switch, or using voice control. Simply plug it into the socket and off you go: connect your light sources to your Smart Home system in the app. Switch and dim the lights from anywhere: from the comfort of the couch or from bed in the evening, or even when you are not at home: for example, if you forgot to switch off the light in the hallway, bathroom, or kitchen during the morning rush, you can simply do so while out and about. In the app, you can keep an eye on everything remotely and, if necessary, switch off all lamps via the adapter plug. This provides you with assurance and saves energy. Or automate the lighting according to your wishes and simply adapt the lighting control to your habits. With timers and an Astro function, for example, the outdoor lighting switches on automatically just in time for sundown. Particularly practical: with the adapter plug from HOMEPILOT, not only do lamps or fairy lights become smart, but so too do other electrical appliances. Whether coffee machine or TV area: connect as many components as you like and control them flexibly via the HOMEPILOT wireless system. With the adapter plug, you can connect all electrical appliances with a wireless interface and a power rating of up to 1800 watts.

Smart motion detector - automatically brings light into the darkness

"Light on, light off - whenever you need it. Motion detectors bring light into the darkness in a convenient and energy-saving manner - they switch on the lighting whenever you enter a room or a detection area, and automatically switch it off again after a certain period of time with no-one present. The automatic light switch is not only practical, it also prevents you from tripping as you go about your daily business - for example, when you don't have a hand free to press the light switch. If you are standing in a dark hallway with full shopping baskets or have to master the stairs, the light switches on automatically and immediately provides you with a sense of orientation. The wireless motion detector from HOMEPILOT not only detects movement, but also the ambient brightness. For example, the sensor only reacts in the dark and does not switch on lights during the day, even if it detects activity. The HOMEPILOT motion detector for indoor use can be simply installed via plug-and-play. This means enhanced comfort and security in your home in no time at all - even if you rent or live in an old building.

Smart switch actuator - convert your home into a smart home

"Yesterday ordinary, today smart: with the switch actuator from HOMEPILOT, you can transform conventional lamps and electrical appliances into wireless smart home appliances in no time at all. Once paired with the wireless actuator, you can conveniently switch and dim selected lamps using your smartphone, by hand-held transmitter, or at the touch of a button via smart wall switches. Use the app to create atmospheric lighting scenes for different situations and occasions. For example, dimmed, warm white lighting guarantees a cosy atmosphere for your next Netflix evening. The smart lighting control provides security: for example, when you are on holiday or travelling, you can activate Random mode to simulate your presence: the light switches on and off automatically at irregular times. This makes it appear as though someone is at home - and potential burglars won't get any stupid ideas. Or adapt the lighting control to suit your habits and daily routine with time programming: in the morning, soft, brighter light wakes you up; while in the evening, the outdoor lighting in the garden, on the balcony, or on the terrace switches on automatically. The HOMEPILOT wireless system enables this and much more: simply integrate the smart switch actuator into your Smart Home system and connect it to any number of other components. With individual scenes, you can call up different applications at the same time: for a home cinema evening, for example, the shutters close while the light dims and the heating runs at the desired temperature. You want to retrofit a flexible solution for smart lighting control? The plug-and-play applications from HOMEPILOT make it easy: mount the wireless actuator onto a standard flush-mounted socket and connect it to any number of receivers via the app. Tip: Connect and control smart lamps and lighting systems from different suppliers in one app with the HOMEPILOT wireless system. For smart lights from Philips Hue, Ikea Trådfri, Ledvance Smart+, Tint, and Innr, you only need one smart switch actuator or adapter plug.

Smart home lighting

Light provides orientation in the dark, but it can do so much more: It is an effective design tool with which you can set brilliant accents in your home. With the right lighting, you can create an atmosphere that makes you feel good all around, relax better or work more concentrated.

addZ LED illuminant

Let your home shine in a new light: The addZ LED lamps White and Colour and the addZ-Stick for the Gateway premium bring color into your four walls via plug-and-play! Switch and dim the lights from the comfort of your couch, change the light color or color temperature via app. Whether for a relaxed start in the morning, for more concentration in the home office or for game night: Create the right lighting mood with the addz LED lamps at any time!

Our app - your cockpit

With the intuitive app you become the HOMEPILOT! The app allows you to control your smart devices, query states and automate them via routines. And with the practical dashboard, you have everything in view at all times.

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