Add colour to your life
with addZ LED bulbs

Add colour to your life
with addZ LED bulbs

Add colour to your life
with addZ LED bulbs

A splash of colour for your interior space

See your home in a whole new light: add a whole world of colour to your home with the addZ White and Colour LED lamps and the addZ USB stick for the premium smart home hub. And all this with simple plug-and-play connectivity! Switch on and dim your lights from the comfort of your sofa, or change the light colour or colour temperature via the app. Whether you want to enjoy a gentle start to the day, concentrate better when working from home or enjoy a pleasant games night: create the right lighting atmosphere for every occasion with addz LED lamps!

addZ LED bulbs
Group control
Wake up
Home office
Games night
A splash of colour for enhanced atmosphere: Screw on, log in, and you're done: with the addZ White and Colour LED bulbs you can easily bring colour and atmosphere to your everyday life. 16 million available colour shades and infinitely variable lighting via the app. This allows you to create tailor-made lighting scenarios for an absolutely unique atmosphere.
Grouped control: The HOMEPILOT wireless system allows you to switch on and dim several addZ LED bulbs at the same time. Group the light sources according to your wishes and control them at the touch of a finger or by voice control. You can adjust the brightness, light colour and colour temperature via the application
Smart lighting for a good start to the day: Automate your lighting and start your day with peace of mind. The addZ LED lamps wake you up they way you like it: with soft light in your favourite colours, for example, or warm white light that becomes brighter as you waken.
Stay fully awake and focused when working from home: With the right lighting, the brain gets firing and the ideas fly! Cool light, with a high proportion of blue, will make you more alert, more focused and therefore more productive when working from home. Give them a try! With the addZ LED bulbs, you can easily adjust the brightness, light colour and colour temperature via the app.
Make lighting your winning ally at your next games night: Appropriate light settings are already a major asset during family games nights. Thanks to their colourful lighting effects, addZ LED bulbs can instantly transform your kitchen or living room into a cool games cave, or make it look like Pippi Longstocking's colourful house! What better way to create the appropriate setting to ensure a good mood and happy atmosphere, or perhaps to raise the tension.

Light and well-being

"Appropriate lighting and well-being guaranteed - to make the most of those short everyday breaks. Indirect light allows you to fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the home cinema while watching your favourite film. Warm light in orange and red tones is the ideal way to enhance the level of relaxation in your bubble bath. And when it's time to go to bed, a soft light on the bedside table will help you drift gently over to sleep. With addZ White and Colour LED lamps and the HOMEPILOT wireless system, you are in control of the ambience. Easily change the light intensity, colour temperature or colour of the light via your smartphone. More than 16 million colours are available, allowing you to create a fully personalised lighting environment. Set up customised routines to create atmospheres that make you feel good (for example, a pleasantly warm light that comes on at the same time every morning). The addZ White and Colour LED bulbs do more than just ""switch"" the light on or off - they instantly transform your home into a wellness space!

Enhanced atmosphere thanks to smart and automated functions

Light on or off, lighter or darker, white or coloured? With smart lighting control, you have a fascinating array of possibilities by which to create the perfect atmosphere for every occasion. With HOMEPILOT and the addZ White and Colour LED bulbs, there are numerous ways to can control your lighting in a comfortable and flexible manner: via an app, by voice control, at the touch of a button, or via smart wall switches. Create tailor-made scenarios and enjoy a lighting ambience that is continuously adapted to your environment: for enhanced concentration when working from home, for more fun during a games night, or a gentler start to your day. The control of the addZ White and Colour LED lamps is particularly simple and customisable, thanks to the wide range of extensive and automated functions: set the brightness for each of your lamps via the application. In the kitchen, for example, the lighting is set to 100%, while in the hallway and bedroom, a more energy-efficient 50% is sufficient. The speed of the dimmer is also adjustable, allowing you to control the speed at which selected lights are dimmed. Random lighting mode will allow you to travel and go on holiday with peace of mind. While you are away, your lights will automatically switch on and off at irregular times, just as they do when you are there. This way, no one will suspect that no one is home. A simulated presence that will definitely discourage potential burglars. This enables peace of mind and will allow you to relax fully during your holidays.

Illuminate your home in your favourite colours

Add colour to your everyday life: with more than 16 million colours, addZ White and Colour LED lamps allow you to personalise the environment and create fascinating lighting effects. Change the colour of your lighting in one simple step within the application, adjust the light temperature and brightness, or automate the lighting with your favourite customised scenarios. On cosy winter evenings, warm light in shades of reddish-orange, for example, can accentuate the cosy atmosphere created by flickering candlelight. In summer, colourful LED lanterns create a cheerful atmosphere in the garden, on the terrace, or balcony. By grouping several light sources and creating automated multi-coloured scenarios, you can create a personalised ambience, for example to celebrate a birthday, host a barbecue with friends, or simply to relax on your sofa and enjoy soft light in your favourite colour. Do you already have a smart light bulb or do you want to expand your system? No problem! HOMEPILOT can get along with almost everyone: smart lamps and lighting systems from Philips Hue, Ikea Trådfri, Ledvance Smart+ or Tint and Innr can be easily integrated into the wireless system and simply controlled via the application. Try HOMEPILOT and illuminate your home with your favourite colours!

Create the right lighting mood for every situation with addZ White and Colour LED lamps.

Conveniently control your lighting via HOMEPILOT using the app, by voice control or with a wall switch.

Screw on, log in, feel good: with HOMEPILOT, everything is easily installed by means of plug-and-play.

What do I need to enjoy smart lighting?

Switch or dimmer? With the HOMEPILOT Smart Home system, ceiling lights, table lamps, spotlights, or outdoor lighting can be adapted to your every wish.

Premium smart home hub: the central control unit of your Smart Home, allowing you to control smart devices via the application

Even more smart bulbs: the addZ USB stick brings Zigbee wireless technology to your HOMEPILOT system

Plug-and-play mood lighting: just screw in the addZ LED bulbs, log in, and you're done

Our app - your cockpit

With the intuitive app you become the HOMEPILOT! The app allows you to control your smart devices, query states and automate them via routines. And with the practical dashboard, you have everything in view at all times.

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