Protect your home the smart way

What to know that everything is alright at home, at all times? Then get your smart home thinking on your wavelength, and stay up to date! The smart technology is on alert around the clock, protecting you and your home - from major dangers such as burglary or storm damage. But also against accidents caused by tripping hazards such as shoes lying around or other things items that have not been tidied away. Discover the possibilities with the HOMEPILOT wireless system!

Enhanced security

When you think of security technology, do you think only of alarm systems and surveillance cameras? A Smart Home can do much more! The HOMEPILOT wireless system protects your home with comprehensive solutions and provides early warning of danger - even when you are not at home. Want to be able to relax more on your next holiday? Then network your property, for effective burglary protection! Random sequences simulate your presence so that criminals don't sense an opportunity. This way, burglars won't get any stupid ideas in the first place! If a break-in is nevertheless attempted, door and window contacts report suspicious activity and inform you by push message on your smartphone. In conjunction with other smart components, the sensors set defined security functions in motion: for example, they ensure that all the lights in the house switch on and linked surveillance cameras start recording. With the HOMEPILOT app, you can keep an eye on everything from a distance and quickly inform a security service or the police. Smart technology gives that great feeling of security at all times and makes your home safer!

Smart motion detector - fewer tripping hazards, enhanced security

You arrive home with the weekend shopping, stand in the dark hallway with your hands full, and try to flick the light switch with your elbow or hip: then motion detectors automatically bring light into the darkness and spare you from all the acrobatics. With the wireless motion detector from HOMEPILOT, you automatically move around more safely at home. This is because the lighting always switches on when you enter the room or the detection area and then switches off when you leave again. Likewise, a motion detector can provide enhanced safety in the hallway and on the stairs - obstacles and tripping hazards such as shoes left lying around in the hallway or items stored on the stairs can then simply be avoided by keeping to the left. If you wake up in the middle of the night and are trying to find your way to the bathroom while half asleep, a motion detector can light up your path. Set the sensitivity of the sensor and the lighting run-on time in the HOMEPILOT app. The brightness of the paired light sources is also continuously dimmable. This way you don't have to find your way at night, squinting in the blinding light. In broad daylight, the lighting remains off even if the sensor detects movement. This is not only practical, but also saves energy. The smart motion detector from HOMEPILOT not only detects activity, but also adjusts to the ambient brightness. That is why it only switches on the light at dusk and in the dark. When you are not at home, motion detectors contribute to effective burglary protection: automatic light switching draws unwanted attention to burglars' and serves as a deterrent. In conjunction with the HOMEPILOT wireless system, your Smart Home informs you of any conspicuous activities via push message to your mobile phone. With a detection angle of 170 degrees and a range of ten metres, the HOMEPILOT smart motion detector reliably sheds light where you need it. This is practical, for example, in hallways and stairwells, in cellar rooms and storage rooms, or even in the garage and entrance area. Do you want to reliably illuminate larger areas? Then simply combine multiple motion detectors. You can control the light sources manually via wall switches as usual. If necessary, you can disable the motion detector completely, at the touch of a button directly on the unit. You want to retrofit a flexible solution for automatic lighting control? With HOMEPILOT you can do this simply via plug-and-play: replace existing switches or push-buttons with smart wireless motion detectors using an intermediate frame!

Smart door and window contact - storm and burglary protection

During your family outing, clouds appear out of nowhere and all of a sudden the heavens open. Your first thought: are all the windows closed at home? With HOMEPILOT, you simply check via your smartphone and have instant peace of mind. This is made possible thanks smart door and window contacts for status monitoring. The battery-operated wireless sensor from HOMEPILOT uses special magnetic field technology to detect whether windows and doors are tilted, open, or closed. In conjunction with the HOMEPILOT wireless system, you have everything in view in the app at all times and can react quickly: for example, you can lower the electric roller shutter with the tap of a finger to prevent rain from entering through the open window. Or let your Smart Home think for itself and automatically take the appropriate precautions: if, for example, a weather sensor detects hail, storm, or rain, the roller shutters are automatically lowered to prevent damage. Create customised if-then automations that protect your home - even when you're away. Door and window contacts for status monitoring aren't just practicalin the event of a sudden storm. They also assist with burglary prevention: if the sensors detect that windows or doors are being opened improperly or by force, your Smart Home warns you via a push message on your mobile phone. At the same time, the connected surveillance camera starts up and transmits its recordings to your smartphone. If you connect door and window contacts to your heating system, the small sensors also help to save energy. If the wireless sensor detects that you are tilting a window or opening it completely for ventilation purposes, the heating switches off automatically. If you close the window, the radiators switch on again. Simply attach the smart door and window contact from HOMEPILOT to the window or door frame using special adhesive strips and select the appropriate operating mode. With its discreet design, the small sensor is visible neither from the inside nor from the outside. If you move house, you can remove the sensors just as quickly and without leaving any residue, and simply take them with you to your new home.

ONVIF cameras - keep an eye on your home

"Rest assured that everything is fine at home at all times: with the HOMEPILOT wireless system and smart cameras, you can monitor your home flexibly and remotely. HOMEPILOT supports cameras with an ONVIF interface from the manufacturers Bosch Security Systems, Abus, or Axis. If you want to retrofit the surveillance technology, with HOMEPILOT this can be simply achieved by means of plug-and-play: install as many cameras with an ONVIF interface as you want in the areas you want to keep an eye on and integrate them wirelessly into your Smart Home system. All settings are applied via the HOMEPILOT app. Once installed, you can call up live recordings from the cameras on your smartphone, from anywhere, and stay up to date: is the dog getting comfortable on the bed again, even though he knows it's off-limits? Is everything all right in the garden? Smart cameras for indoor and outdoor use provide you with an overview and keep you on the safe side, even when you're on holiday. Smart cameras that detect movement and noise and react accordingly are particularly practical. They complement the functionality of window and door contacts or motion detectors and facilitate comprehensive status monitoring in your home. If the camera detects conspicuous activity, your Smart Home automatically informs you via push message. Simply call up the camera's live recordings in the app and see what triggered the motion detection. Was it the neighbours' cat? Just the postman? Or are burglars actually at work?

Presence simulation

Whether you're on vacation for several weeks or on a day trip, you'll always have a good feeling when you know your home is safe. This works best when your smart home gives the impression that someone is at home. Presence simulation is one of the most effective applications for burglary protection. With the HOMEPILOT wireless system, you simply create individual sequences that are automatically randomized. So burglars don't get any stupid ideas in the first place - find out about presence simulations now!

Clever condition monitoring

Are windows still open at home? Is the heating switched off? And have you really closed the garage door? Thanks to our HOMEPILOT wireless system, you can check the status of your smart home via app at any time. Smart sensors such as motion detectors, window and door contacts, weather sensors and smoke detectors are on alert around the clock and protect your home. Discover the many possibilities with smart home control now!

Our app - your cockpit

With the intuitive app you become the HOMEPILOT! The app allows you to control your smart devices, query states and automate them via routines. And with the practical dashboard, you have everything in view at all times.

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