Tips for smart security

Tips for smart security

Tips for smart security

Protect your home

A fire caused by a forgotten candle, tripping hazards in the hallway, or an open window that gives burglars an opportunity: smart technology that remains alert around the clock and considers every eventuality can protect you from a range of dangers within your home. Sensors assist with status monitoring, presence simulation deters criminals, and your Smart Home informs you as soon as something goes wrong. Want to protect your home using smart technology? Here are 6 tips for enhanced security!

Data protection

Random presence simulation: Whether on holiday for several weeks or off on a Sunday outing: that feeling of security travels with you when smart technology gives the impression that someone is at home. Automate technical functions at random! With presence simulation, burglars won't even go there.

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Keep an eye on your home: Are there windows still open at home? Is the heating turned down? Did you close the garage door? Check the HOMEPILOT app on the go and control all this remotely and with ease! Smart sensors look after your home around the clock and warn you of any abnormalities.

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Get your home on your wavelength: The more devices and sensors you link together, the better your Smart Home can protect you. If window contacts, cameras, or motion detectors detect a danger, the system triggers predefined alarm and escape routines: the light switches on and you are alerted on your mobile phone.

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Retrofitting made easy via plug-and-play: Retrofitting smart security technology: with HOMEPILOT this doesn't require great effort and is possible even if you live in a rented property or want to avoid major renovations. Simply mount cameras and sensors for surveillance via plug-and-play and connect everything wirelessly to your Smart Home system.

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Digital security: protect your data: HOMEPILOT also protects your home and your privacy against threats from the digital world. The communication within the HOMEPILOT wireless system is encrypted, meaning that strangers cannot "interfere" and access your Smart Home system. As such, your data remains safely within your four walls.

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Secure funding for smart security: Smart technology that makes living safer is eligible for financial supported. With the "Age-Appropriate Conversion" programme, KfW is promoting measures that remove barriers and trip hazards, protect against hazards, and improve burglary protection. Find out about subsidised loans for your smart home!

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Smart sensors provide protection in many situations

Motion detectors, weather sensors, door and window contacts, cameras: smart watchdogs for status monitoring are in use around the clock and protect against various threats. For example, if a thunderstorm is coming when no one is at home, you simply check in the HOMEPILOT app whether all windows are closed. If not, you can lower individual shutters with the tap of a finger to keep things dry inside. Connect door and window contacts, weather sensors, and thermostats to save energy. Your Smart Home recognises when you open a window and switches off the heating so that no energy is lost. In the midsummer heat, sun sensors also report when the warming sun shines through the windows and close the shutters so that the rooms do not become overheated. The more sensors and security devices you integrate into the HOMEPILOT wireless system, the smarter your home will be, and the more it will protect you from danger.

What do I need for smart status monitoring?

Thanks to smart devices, you can enjoy the great feeling that peace of mind brings, even when you're not at home!

With HOMEPILOT Smart Home, you can create individual home automation scenarios and set up automatic processes!

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Smart door and window contact: use our wireless sensor to monitor windows and doors

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Smart plug: switch your electrical devices the smart way. You can keep an eye on everything via the app when you're out and about.

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Our app - your cockpit

With the intuitive app you become the HOMEPILOT! The app allows you to control your smart devices, query states and automate them via routines. And with the practical dashboard, you have everything in view at all times.

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