Small sensors with
a big effect

Small sensors with
a big effect

Small sensors with
a big effect

Status monitoring

Are there windows still open at home? Is the heating switched off? And did you really close the garage door? With the HOMEPILOT wireless system, you can simply check and control your building technology remotely when out and about. Smart sensors such as motion detectors, window and door contacts, weather sensors, and smoke detectors are on alert around the clock to protect your home. Check out your options for smart status monitoring!


An automatic increase in comfort: Motion detectors, window and door contacts, weather sensors, or cameras: the more components you connect to the HOMEPILOT wireless system for status monitoring, the more comprehensively your home will think for itself, thus relieving you of manual tasks. The result: an automatic increase in comfort and safety!

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Always up to date thanks to status monitoring: With a glance at the HOMEPILOT app, you can check the current status of your smart devices and applications while on the go. Is a window or the patio door open? Is the roller shutter on the south-facing side keeping the rooms nice and cool? And are all the lights switched off? Just take a look in the app!

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Know what's going on at home at all times: When on holiday and during longer trips, that feeling of security always travels with you, as your Smart Home informs you immediately via push message if something is wrong. For example, when cameras detect activity or door and window contacts detect a change.

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Energy saving made easy: When smart sensors detect situations and changes in your smart home, you not only enjoy enhanced security and comfort, but also save energy. With customisable if-then rules, for example, the heating automatically switches off as soon as you open a window.

To door-/window contact

Enhanced security with clever sensors

Weather sensors, window and door contacts, and the smart sun sensor are on alert around the clock and provide protection against threats - be it burglars, storm damage, or unnecessarily high energy costs. Sensors for status monitoring are genuine all-rounders and enable a wide range of applications. Protection during storms: if a storm is brewing when no one is at home, simply check in the app whether all the windows are closed. If not, you can lower roller shutters with the tap of a finger to keep things dry inside.

Save energy: link up door and window contacts, weather sensors, and radiator thermostats to save energy: your Smart Home recognises when a window is opened and switches off the heating so that no energy is lost. In the midsummer heat, the weather sensors report when the sun shines through the windows and close the shutters so that the rooms do not become overheated, meaning you don't have to call on fans or an air conditioning system to counteract the rise in temperature. Intrusion protection: door and window contacts provide effective support in protecting your home against intrusion. They notify you via the app when the status of the window changes, for example when it is opened or tilted. If you have integrated the sun sensor into the HOMEPILOT system, it also registers vibrations of the window and reports them directly via push message. The more sensors and devices you connect to the HOMEPILOT wireless system, the smarter your home can think for itself.

Window contacts are always on alert and protect against a variety of threats.

Connect door and window contacts with smart light sources and cameras for intrusion protection purposes.

If-then routines automatically save energy. If you open a window, the heating switches off.

What do I need for smart status monitoring?

IThanks to smart devices, you can enjoy the great feeling that peace of mind brings, even when you're not at home!

Gateway premium: the HOMEPILOT Smart Home control centre controls all smart devices via an app

Smart door and window contact: use our wireless sensor to monitor windows and doors

Smart radiator thermostat: save energy with routines and have the heating switch off when the window is open

Our app - your cockpit

With the intuitive app you become the HOMEPILOT! The app allows you to control your smart devices, query states and automate them via routines. And with the practical dashboard, you have everything in view at all times.

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