Our corporate commitment

Homepilot is a brand of the Delta Dore group, founded in 1970 at the height of the oil crisis. Since then, the group has been driven by the conviction of its founders to combat energy waste. Every day, we contribute to the energy transition with our Homepilot and Delta Dore brands, which enable everyone to save energy at home without sacrificing comfort. More broadly, our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is reflected in our strong, concrete commitments, which have been rewarded in the form of an ECOVADIS Gold Medal.

Save energy with no compromise on comfort

Our aim is to help guiding our customer to a more energy and ressources saving everyday life, without missing comfort. For this reason we created a label to highlight our particularly energy-efficient products. So they can easily and smartly get started with HOMEPILOT towards energy saving and sustainability!

So trägt Smart Home zur Energieeinsparung bei

Spare mit unseren Produkten auf smarte Weise Energie und Kosten!

Optimising heating energy: Program your heating according to each specific room and its occupancy times, to reduce consumption without compromising the comfort of your home.

Automate your solar protection and lighting: Program your roller shutters to take advantage of the sun's rays in winter and protect against them in summer - and never forget to switch off your lights.

Discover the easy way: With the Homepilot app, it's easy to programme or activate scenarios, both on site and remotely.

Check out the Homepilot use cases

Unser Ziel ist es, dir zu einem energie- und ressourcenschonenden Alltag zu verhelfen, ohne dabei auf Komfort zu verzichten. Aus diesem Grund haben wir ein Label geschaffen, das unsere besonders energieeffizienten Produkte hervorhebt. So kannst du mit HOMEPILOT einfach und clever in Richtung Energiesparen und Nachhaltigkeit starten!

Weather-dependent control
Energy savings
Smart roller shutters
Smart socket

Enjoy genuine comfort every day, while saving energy

Our aim is to guide our customers towards a daily routine that saves energy and resources, without sacrificing comfort. That's why our money-saving products are identified by a sticker. With Homepilot, it's easy to start saving energy - for a more sustainable lifestyle.

Smart solar and weather sensors

HOMEPILOT weather and solar sensors control smart devices such as roller shutters, blinds, or lighting according to the current weather conditions. Combined with the premium gateway, they enable intelligent and, above all, energy-efficient automation based on brightness or temperature: when the outside temperature is high, the roller shutters close automatically to save cooling energy and, in winter, they open in bright sunshine to benefit from solar energy rather than using the heating. What's more, the smart solar and wind sensor runs on solar energy.

An intelligent heating system

Our smart thermostats not only provide you with pleasant warmth at the desired time, but also improve the energy efficiency of every home. Thanks to room-by-room control, defined times at which to turn radiators up and down, and total control via the app, heating costs can be permanently reduced. In combination with a door and window contact, the heating is automatically lowered as soon as a window is opened in the room. 

Electric thermostats can save households up to 15% on heating energy. (Source: Ademe)

Smart roller shutters for a cool summer and thermal protection in winter

Smart roller shutters provide sun protection where you need it, at any time of day. How? At the touch of a button, automatically thanks to the integration of solar sensors, or via an application with pre-programmed schedules. When used to insulate windows, our smart roller shutter control saves energy: in summer, automatically lowered roller shutters protect against the sun's rays, keeping rooms pleasantly cool - even without air conditioning. In winter, the roller shutters are lowered automatically to limit use of your heating. What's more, HOMEPILOT devices boast particularly low standby power consumption. 

Using shutters to protect against the cold can deliver winter energy savings of up to 34%. (Source: Study carried out by the TBC agency on behalf of the SNFP)

Smart sockets, so you don't have to remember to switch off your appliancesn

With HOMEPILOT's smart socket, traditional appliances become smart in an instant. In combination with our premium gateway, the lamp, coffee machine or television can be integrated into programmed automatic routines. Thanks to the smart socket's staircase function, the light switches off automatically after a set time.

Cap 2050: our low-carbon strategy

We have developed an ambitious low-carbon strategy, aiming to reduce the company's carbon footprint by 90% by 2050.

Produce differently: made in Germany & France

At the Delta Dore group, we manufacture 5 million products each year in our factories in France and Germany, remaining local to our customers.

Most HOMEPILOT products are manufactured in our factory in Rhede, Germany. This site uses 100% sustainable "green" electricity produced from renewable energy sources, with a view to protecting the environment and reducing CO2 emissions. 

We are proud to demonstrate that it is possible to reconcile competition with European manufacturing (Made in Europe), and we maintain a high level of investment in our production facilities so as to guarantee a high level of quality.

Designing differently: eco-design

The eco-design of our products is an essential element in reducing their environmental impact. With this in mind we have launched a programme aimed at reducing this impact at every stage in the product life cycle. 

We are working to reduce their dimensions, energy consumption, packaging, instructions, etc. For example, the packaging for HOMEPILOT's e-commerce products uses recycled materials and only the simplified instructions are printed. At the same time, we give preference to suppliers who integrate an eco-design approach.

By combining these approaches, we are committed to offering more environmentally-friendly solutions while meeting our customers' needs in a sustainable manner.

Consuming differently: sustainable solutions

We attach a great deal of importance to the long-term viability of our product ranges, maintaining the availability of older products and ensuring their compatibility with new technical developments. 

 In our drive towards sustainability, we also favour local suppliers wherever possible, reinforcing our commitment to more responsible practices and supporting the local economy, while minimising our environmental footprint.

Working differently: strong ethics and values

As a family business, we pay particular attention to well-being in the workplace and to passing on our values: SIMPLE, OPEN, FOCUSED, and TRUSTED, which guide our choices and our behaviour. 

We encourage our employees to be caring, ethical, and non-discriminatory. We attach great importance to respecting the balance between professional and personal life, and encourage the enhancement of knowledge through training. 

We build trusting relationships with our customers and partners, based on loyalty and transparency, and ensure that they are committed to sustainable development and ethics.

Our positive impact

We are proud to contribute to reducing the energy impact of homes in Europe. Today, the 20 million homes equipped with our energy management and solar protection solutions are generating substantial energy savings. In total, they prevent 60 times more CO2 emissions than we generate as a company. 

 We also support our customers by helping them to adopt more energy-efficient behaviour, and advise them on how to make the best use of our solutions (customer support, online tutorials, newsletters, etc.).

The road to sustainable quality

In terms of quality, we strive for continuous improvement, in the spirit of our DIN EN ISO 9001 certification issued by TÜV Rheinland. This contributes to the economic sustainability of our business. 

At the same time, we are working to optimise the resources consumed in production. For example, the Rhede 2022 production site was awarded the Interzero "Resources saved" certificate. The recycling of materials saved 351 tonnes of primary resources and 27,831 kilograms of greenhouse gases.