Product highlights:
  • For quick and easy fixing of roller blinds with octagonal steel shafts (SW50 or SW60)
  • Serve to make it permanently difficult to manually raise the roller blind (burglary protection).
  • The connection to the roller blind is made via a receiving profile suitable for 8 mm or 14 mm roller blind slats.
  • The maximum weight of roller blinds per shaft connection is 7 kg
Product information "Anti-slide device for octogonal tube 2-link"
Rigid shaft connectors further increase security in the smart home. The movement of a roller blind is made permanently difficult by the wavy connectors, which can discourage burglars. Our tip: install a rigid shaft connector every 800 mm.Mount at least two rigid shaft connectors per roller blind at both ends of the corresponding octagonal shaft.
Scope of Delivery
  • 1x anti-lift safety device for 2-element roller blinds
Technical Infos
Smart: Yes

Anti-slide device for octogonal tube 2-link