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Forget about inaccurate weather forecasts: the weather sensor controls smart devices - for example roller shutters, awnings, lights - based on the current weather conditions. It measures brightness, sun position and height, wind speed, temperature, and rainfall. (Temperature -30°C to +60°, suun sensor: 1 to 150 kLux, twilight sensor: 0 to 100 lux, wind sensor: 0 m/s to 35 m/s) Rain sensor: detected/not detected Thanks to intelligent sun position detection, the sensor can evaluate data from all directions in the sky.

Smart helper - controls your other devices

In conjunction with the Gateway premium, you have extensive possibilities when it comes to programming individual processes: Rest assured while out and about: the awning retracts automatically in the event of rain or wind. Prevents rooms from heating up in summer: if the sun is to the south - and is therefore particularly intense - the shutters on the south-facing windows automatically lower. Makes lighting smart: switch lights on and off at certain brightness levels, for example garden lighting or lights outside the front door.

Individual settings - depending on the room and specific requirements

With the weather sensor, up to five limit values can be configured for each measured variable. For example, regarding the strength of the sunlight: roller shutters on the ground floor should go up in the morning with even at low level of brightness - limit value 1. On the first floor, the roller shutters should stay down longer and only open when the brightness increases - limit value 2. In the bathroom, the roller shutter should only go up when it is completely bright - limit value 3. The same possibilities apply for "wind" and "temperature"

Product highlights:
  • Measurement of brightness, sun position, wind speed, temperature, and rain
  • Weather-dependent automation of smart devices via the premium smart home hub
  • Integrated actuator for controlling roller blinds and patio awnings
  • Integrated DCF wireless clock
  • Configuration via the premium smart home hub
Product information "Smart weather sensor"
The smart weather sensor is a wireless sensor that allows you to control your smart home based on weather data. The sensor measures brightness, temperature, rain, wind strength, and sun position. Configuration is performed via the premium smart home hub and the corresponding HOMEPILOT application. The measured data is transmitted wirelessly to the paired receivers and can thus be used for automation. For example, south-facing roller blinds can be adjusted automatically to the sun protection position when the sun is coming from the south. With just one sensor, it is therefore possible to control the entire house centrally. The measurement of the outdoor temperature is particularly useful. The roller blinds can be lowered when the sun is shining, but only if the outside temperature is above 23°C. The wireless weather sensor also features an integrated tube motor control, to which a motor can be directly connected, and has an integrated DCF wireless clock. Strong gusts of wind, heavy rain, or scorching temperatures: the smart weather sensor knows when the situation becomes critical and protects your home flexibly in any weather.In addition to mounting on the wall of the house or on the roof, you will often find suitable mounting options in the garden. Garden sheds, for example, are suitable in many cases, provided they have a 230-volt power supply. The weather sensor should be installed in a location where wind, rain, and sun can be detected by the sensors, unobstructed. There should be no building elements above the weather sensor from which water may still fall onto the precipitation sensor when it has already stopped raining or snowing. At least 60 cm of free space should be left underneath and to the sides of the weather sensor to allow for the proper measurement of wind and snowfall. The smart weather sensor offers many advantages for your HOMEPILOT smart home.
With a single weather sensor, all HOMEPILOT smart devices in your home can be controlled automatically based on the measured weather data. The automation systems can only be configured with the premium smart home hub, so this product is required.
Scope of Delivery
  • 1x smart weather sensor
Technical Infos
Connection cross section: max. 1,5mm²
Dimensions: 96 x 77 x 118 mm (B x H x T)
Dusk sensor: 0-100 Lux
Max. number of connected devices: 44
Protection rating: IP44
Rain sensor: recognized/not recognized
Range: Free field approx. 100 m inside the building approx. 30 m (depending on the building structure)
Smart: Yes
Standby power consumption: 3W
Sun sensor: 1-150 kLux
Supply voltage: 230 V / 50 Hz
Transmission frequency: 434,5 MHz
Transmitter power: max. 10 mW
Wind sensor: 0 m/s - 35 m/s
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Smart weather sensor