The roller shutter moves as if by itself

What time do you want to let light into your room in the morning? When should your roller shutter be lowered in the evening? Simply enter your desired times via the illuminated display on the belt winder - as a daily or weekly programme. With Astro function: based on your postcode, the belt winder knows when dawn is approaching and controls your roller shutters accordingly. With Random function: your roller shutter raises and lowers at different times - this simulates presence in the house when you are away and thus deters burglars. .

Clever retrofitting - simply replace your manual belt winder

Still having to tediously pull on the belt to raise and lower your roller shutter? Simply replace your old belt winder with the RolloTron premium Power and your roller shutters will move at the touch of a button. Converting the manual belt winder is quick and easy. Designed for belts with a width of 15 mm.

No problems: blockage detection avoids expensive damage

At low temperatures, the roller shutter may ice up and become blocked. The RolloTron premium Power detects this and stops the movement. Thanks to its integrated obstacle detection, it also notices when there are objects beneath the roller shutter curtain. If there is a flowerpot in the way, for example, the roller shutter motor immediately stops the movement. In addition, the soft-start and soft-stop function provides added safety: it protects the roller shutter curtain as it approaches the end points.

Product highlights:
  • The ideal solution for existing installations thanks to quick and easy installation - also for rented apartments!
  • Maximum individual flexibility for automating your roller blinds
  • Particularly ergonomic operation thanks to the large illuminated display and intuitive menu guidance
  • With numerous functions for automatically controlling your roller blinds at the times you want
  • Suitable for replacing all common belt housings from 36 mm in width
Product information "RolloTron flush-mounted belt winder Power premium"
Automate and control your roller blinds comfortably - with the RolloTron flush-mounted belt winder Power premium. The ideal electric beltwinder for flush-mounting that makes your everyday life better! Control your roller blinds automatically or by pressing a button on the device - it's simple and intuitive.Thanks to the soft start and stop function, the RolloTron flush-mounted belt winder Power premium runs particularly quietly and protects the equipment. The electric beltwinder also has obstacle detection and button lock. You can even enjoy peace of mind even in the event of a power failure: our electric beltwinder is equipped with permanent data backup.The RolloTron flush-mounted belt winder Power premium has many functions to automate the process of controlling your roller blinds: the random function, daily, weekly and astronomical programmes, an installation assistant for quick use and much more. In addition, the beltwinder automatically synchronises with summer and winter time.The RolloTron flush-mounted belt winder Power premium is ideal for retrofitting as the existing manual winder can be replaced quickly and easily. The beltwinder fits all common belt housings from 36 mm in width upwards and can be installed in no time at all.
The RolloTron premium beltwinder also allows you to control your roller blinds based on the light conditions. To do this, you need to use our solar sensor together with the beltwinder.
Scope of Delivery
  • 1x RolloTron flush-mounted belt winder Power premium
  • 1x wall bracket
  • 2x mounting screws (4 x 55 mm)
  • 1x release clip
  • 1x connection cable with European plug
  • 1x cover for winder compartment
  • 1x cover
  • 1x user guide
Technical Infos
Belt width: 23 mm
Connection cable cable length: 1,5m
Distance between fixing screws: 215 mm / 245 mm
Energy-saving: yes
Mounting type: Flush-mounted
Rated power: 70 W
Smart: No
Supply voltage: 230 V / 50-60 Hz
Window size (m²) / weight (kg): max. 10m² / 60 kg
Wrapping capacity belt: 12m
User manual
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RolloTron flush-mounted belt winder Power premium