Automate your roller shutters easily and conveniently

What time do you want to let light into your room in the morning? When should your roller shutter be lowered in the evening? Simply enter your desired times via the illuminated display on the belt winder - as a daily or weekly programme. With Astro function: based on your postcode, the belt winder knows when dawn is approaching and controls your roller shutters accordingly. With random function: your roller shutter raises and lowers at different times - this simulates presence in the house when you are away and thus deters burglars. To ensure smooth running, the belt winders feature a soft-start/soft-stop function.

Clever retrofitting - for greater energy efficiency

Program fixed operating times for your roller shutters - and let them help you save energy by using them as window insulation: in winter, they automatically lower and prevent rooms from cooling down, thus reducing heating costs. In summer, automatically lowered roller shutters protect against solar radiation; and your rooms remain pleasantly cool.

Control, even when out and about

Control your roller shutters conveniently via the HOMEPILOT app or by voice assistant: for example, issue the command to lower the shutters while sitting on the sofa. You can check the position of your roller shutters at any time via the app and also control them while out and about.

Product highlights:
  • (Voice) control of the room temperature via the free HOMEPILOT app - available for iOS and Android
  • Smart kit for app-based roller blind control for enhanced comfort and energy efficiency
Product information "Smart starter set for 2 roller shutters belt"
With this starter kit, it's easy to start improving energy efficiency and automating roller blind control. In this kit, you will find two RolloTron classic connected beltwinders as well as our smart home control unit, the premium smart home hub. With the electric beltwinder, you can conveniently control your roller blinds. Thanks to the premium smart home hub, you can control your roller blinds using the HOMEPILOT ap and make use of the various automatic functions, such as daily, weekly and astronomical programmes, as well as the random function. You can also choose the position based on sunlight or for ventilation purposes. By pressing the button, you can easily choose between manual and automatic operation. The wireless beltwinder also has a Soft-Start/Soft-Stop function, which ensures quiet operation and comfort while protecting the equipment. The premium smart home hub controls up to 100 HOMEPILOT smart devices. With the HOMEPILOT app, it is very easy to configure your smart devices via your smartphone or tablet. The process is clear and intuitive and allows you to easily put together your personalised dashboard, granting quick access to the most important devices, groups, or routines at any time.Roller blinds provide shade where you need it, at any time of the day, at the touch of a button or automatically. The flush-mounted beltwinder can be integrated into all common belt housings with a width of 36 mm or more. This makes it versatile. Retrofitting your old manual beltwinder to make it smart is quick and easy. Power is supplied via a European 230 V plug.
All smart HOMEPILOT products can be registered on the premium smart home hub - whether beltwinders, roller blind motors, radiator thermostats etc. You can find them by looking for the word "smart" in the product name. The addZ stick (or another Zigbee connection) also enables you to add our addZ LED bulbs, as well as LED bulbs from all manufacturers such as Philips Hue, Ikea Tradfri, Ledvance Smart+, Tint, and Innr. Thanks to Amazon Alexa/Google Assistant, your smart products can also be controlled by voice and integrated into routines.
Scope of Delivery
  • 1x premium smart home hub
  • 2x RolloTron classic smart beltwinders
Technical Infos
Energy-saving: yes
Smart: Yes

Smart starter set for 2 roller shutters belt