Increased smartness - enhanced comfort

With this belt winder, you can fully automate your roller shutters via the app*. Set fixed opening and closing times, have your roller shutters raised or lowered automatically at sunrise and sunset, or integrate your roller shutters into programmed sequences in combination with other smart devices. With random function: Your roller shutter raises and lowers at different times - this simulates presence within the house when you are away and thus deters burglars. *in combination with the Gateway premium

Connected - can be linked directly to other smart devices

Not only can the RolloTron classic smart be operated via the app, but it also becomes intelligent in combination with other smart devices: you can conveniently operate it from the comfort of your couch using a remote control, or you can integrate it into daily or weekly programmes via a RolloTron premium smart.

Clever retrofitting - simply replace your manual belt winder

Still having to tediously pull on the belt to raise and lower your roller shutter? Simply replace your old belt winder with the RolloTron classic smart - and from now on, your roller shutters will adjust automatically. Converting the manual belt winder is quick and easy. Designed for belts with a width of 23 mm.

Product highlights:
  • Action and control in one device
  • Manual control possible at the unit
  • Numerous automatic functions and app-based control when paired with the premium smart home hub
  • Max. pulling capacity: 45 kg
  • For a belt width of: 23 mm
Product information "RolloTron smart flush-mounted belt winder classic"
With the RolloTron smart flush-mounted belt winder classic, you can automate your roller blinds and control them easily. The electric beltwinder also has a Soft-Start/Soft-Stop function, which ensures quiet operation and great comfort while protecting the equipment.In combination with the premium smart home hub, theRolloTron smart flush-mounted belt winder classic has numerous automatic functions, such as daily, weekly and astronomical programmes, as well as a random function. You can also choose the position based on sunlight or for ventilation purposes. By pressing the button, you can easily choose between manual and automatic operation.The flush-mounted beltwinder can be integrated into all common belt housings with a width of 36 mm or more. This makes it versatile. Retrofitting your old manual beltwinder to make it smart is quick and easy.
Not only can the electric beltwinder for roller blinds be operated with our remote control, it can also be combined with the premium smart home hub or the RolloTron premium smart beltwinder.
Scope of Delivery
  • 1x RolloTron smart flush-mounted belt winder classic
  • 2x mounting screws (4 x 55 mm)
  • 1x connection cable with European plug
  • 1x release clip (in the housing)
  • 1x cover for beltwinder compartment
  • 1x cover
  • 1x strain relief
  • mounting screws included
Technical Infos
Belt box installation dimensions (HxWxD): 132 x 34,5 x 139 mm
Belt width: 23 mm
Distance between fixing screws: 165 mm / 175 mm / 185 mm
Einstellbare Motorgeschwindigkeit: Ja
Mounting type: Flush-mounted
Protection rating: IP20
Range: Free field approx. 100 m inside the building approx. 30 m (depending on the building structure)
Rated power: 70 W
Smart: Yes
Standby power consumption: < 0,6 W
Supply voltage: 230 V / 50 Hz
Transmission frequency: 434,5 MHz
Transmitter power: max. 10 mW
Window size (m²) / weight (kg): max. 6m² / 45 kg
Wrapping capacity belt: 6,2m
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RolloTron smart flush-mounted belt winder classic