Compact and narrow

Modern, compact design: including suction cup only approx. 2 cm high and approx. 3.5 x 7.5 cm (W x H) in size. The sensor covers the suction cup. Installation is very simple: you can easily attach the smart sun sensor at any desired position on the wind.

Smart helper: control of roller shutters, awnings, and more

Whether working at the computer, reading, or watching television: when the sun dazzles, things become unpleasant You can control your sunshade via the smart sun sensor and automatically provide shade. Adjustable to 10 different brightness limit values. Set the current brightness as the limit value or configure individual values for future use Practical: "Up/Stop" and "Down/Stop" button for operating the paired roller shutters, awnings, or blinds.

Protection against burglary

The smart sun sensor smart can protect against break-ins: it detects if the window is shaken - for example, if an attempt is made to pry it open - or if the glass breaks. It then immediately sends a message to your smartphone via the app. As an additional deterrent, your Smart Home system can switch on the lights throughout the house following a vibration.

Product highlights:
  • Sun protection control in case of sunlight or twilight (max. 5 devices connected)
  • Can also be used as vibration sensor in combination with premium smart home hub
  • Set the thresholds individually or simply take the current value in the sun into account
  • Quick and easy installation with suction cup
  • Modern and discreet design
Product information "Smart sun sensor"
The smart sun sensor is a radio sensor for sun protection control that can be used to control up to 5 intelligent devices depending on the brightness. In combination with the premium smart home hub, it can also be used as a vibration sensor as a 2-in-1 sensor, which detects vibrations, e.g. in the event of attempted break-ins.It has up/stop and down/stop control buttons on the sensor, which allow the associated intelligent devices to be controlled manually. What is particularly practical here is that the integrated position sensor automatically recognises the mounting position (horizontal or vertical) and the control buttons and LED scale are automatically assigned. A multi-coloured menu LED displays the menu options for sun and vibration in succession. Here you can set the appropriate brightness and vibration limit value using the LED scale. If an individually selectable and set limit value is exceeded, the sensor sends a radio command to all associated receivers. In this way, the roller shutters can be lowered to the set position, for example.On a hot summer's day, you won't have to make sure that your webbing rollers are down. The connected sunlight sensor takes care of that for you. It controls your connected devices and protects the rooms from overheating.The sensor is very easy to install and put into operation. The suction cup on the back of the sensor is used to attach it to the window pane and then to connect the devices to be controlled.
The solar sensor can be used both as a stand-alone solution and as a system solution in combination with the premium smart home hub. This means that you can link and control your intelligent devices (e.g. connected RolloTron beltwinders, connected premium roller shutter motors, connected roller shutter actuators) directly to the solar sensor. The combination is limited to a maximum of 5 connected devices. If you want to control more than five devices via the solar sensor, it can be integrated into the Homepilot Smart Home system via the premium smart home hub. The Homepilot application allows you to define customised routines. For example, closing all the roller shutters on the south side of your house in case of strong sunlight or sending a push notification to your smartphone when a vibration is detected.
Scope of Delivery
  • 1x smart sun sensor
  • 1x battery type CR2450
  • 1x operating instructions
Technical Infos
Battery lifetime: about 4 years (at nine signals/day)
Battery type: 1x CR2450
Dimensions: 35 x 74 x 21,4 mm (inkl. Sauger)
Max. number of connected devices: 5
Operation at: 0-40°C
Range: Free field approx. 100 m inside the building approx. 30 m (depending on the building structure)
Smart: Yes
Supply voltage: 3 V
Transmission frequency: 434,5 MHz
Transmitter power: max. 10 mW
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Smart sun sensor