Simply install - done

The motor recognises when it has reached its end points - even on the first run! Once installed, you don't have to do anything, the motor works independently. All that is required for this self-learning process are rigid shaft connectors or fixing clips, as well as a stopper or stopper bar.

No danger in the event of an obstacle or blockage

This is intelligent: the tubular motor recognises when it cannot run smoothly - when it is blocked the shutter raises, as a result of the formation of ice, for example, or when there is an obstacle when lowering. In such cases, it stops its movement and winds a short distance in the opposite direction. This prevents costly damage to the shutter curtain, the motor, or even the obstacles in question.You can easily make the classic roller shutter motor smart after the fact: with the smart shutter actuator or the classic smart timer, you can automate your shutters at a later date.

Product highlights:
  • Very simple to install: by using spring clips or rigid shaft connectors and stops/stop bars, you do not need to set stops
  • The soft stop protects the whole system
  • Precise position detection and torque control
  • Blockage detection
  • Sensitive and soft obstacle detection
Product information "Roller shutter motor m10 classic"
The roller classic blind motor is a self-learning tubular motor with soft stop. Thanks to Plug & Play, it can be installed in a particularly time- and cost-efficient manner, as the tubular motor does not require any stop settings or learning paths to be programmed. The motor has precise position detection and torque control, which protects the blind from damage with integrated blockage detection in both directions of travel. The motor also has a particularly sensitive progressive obstacle detection system. In addition, the motor can be connected in parallel and has a universal motor head, which allows for tool-free installation and guarantees a high degree of compatibility with other systems.The m10 classic roller blind motor automatically compensates for the roller blind length. This ensures that the roller blind opens completely at all times with automatically learnt stops, even in the event of material ageing and strong temperature fluctuations. Life is more comfortable as a result! Blockage detection protects the roller blind from damage. The s10 classic roller blind motor also has a particularly sensitive progressive obstacle detection system. If, for example, a chair has been left by the patio window and the motor is switched on, it detects the obstacle and stops.Installation is simple and saves you time. Only rigid shaft connections or spring clips, as well as cleats or a stop bar, are required for self-learning. The motor automatically detects whether rigid shaft connections or spring clips have been installed.
Scope of Delivery
  • 1x Roller shutter motor m10 classic
  • 1x user guide; drive bearing
Technical Infos
Cable length: 2,5m
Energy-saving: yes
Power consumption: 0,53 A
Protection rating: IP44
Rated power: 121 W
Rotation speed: 16 U/min
Short time operation: 4 min
Smart: No
Supply voltage: 230 V / 50 Hz
Torque: 10 Nm
Total length: 485mm
Tube diameter: 60mm (SW60)
Tube diameter: 35 mm
User manual
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Roller shutter motor m10 classic