Individual room control or integration into the HOMEPILOT system

The premium smart thermostat measures and regulates the room temperature for individual rooms: simply set your comfort temperature and feel good. start feeling good. In combination with the smart radiator thermostats, you can switch the heating to the same temperature everywhere in the house, with just one click.

Automatic cosy warmth

In the morning, the bathroom and kitchen are at just the right temperature. When you leave the house, the radiators automatically switch to energy-saving mode - in order to preheat the flat before you return home in the evening. For even greater energy efficiency: in combination with a door and window contact, the heating automatically switches off as soon as a window is opened in the room.

Even more possibilities via the app

You can either set the premium smart thermostat using the buttons directly on the device or control it via the HOMEPILOT app*. Using the app, you can integrate your radiators into programmed routines: for example, all heaters turn down when you leave the flat or house. You can also control the heating via the app when you are out and about - and turn it up, for example, if you come home earlier than the programmed time. * in combination with Gateway premium.

Product highlights:
  • Smart thermostat for central room control for underfloor heating, electric heating or for controlling smart radiator thermostats
  • Can be used as a stand-alone solution or in combination with one or more smart radiator thermostats and/or the HomePilot premium smart home hub
  • Heating and cooling function
  • Optimised energy consumption thanks to numerous automatic functions
  • Can be integrated into all common switch setups
Product information "Smart thermostat premium"
The premium smart thermostat automatically measures and regulates the room temperature in different rooms, for example by controlling one or more radiators, underfloor heating, or air conditioning. You can use the premium smart thermostat as a local on-site control (stand-alone) or as a system solution. It can be used for three different types of control: room temperature controller, room temperature controller with limiting function, and cooling function. The thermostat feature an illuminated LCD display with variable intensity and is simple and intuitive to use. The set-point temperature can be adjusted on the unit at intervals of 0.5°C. In addition, up to six heating or cooling phases can be set for each day (including four set-point temperatures). In combination with our smart radiator thermostats, the room temperature measured by the thermostat can be used to control several radiator heads in a room. This ensures that the desired temperature is reached and that you do not heat more than necessary. The thermostat with dry contact output is designed as a built-in device for indoor use. The electrical connection is established using the connection terminals on the back of the installation box. For simple configuration of the thermostat, an installation wizard guides you through the settings. Thanks to its 50 x 50 mm dimensions, you can integrate the thermostat into your usual switch setup. Depending on the switch setup used, a 50 x 50 intermediate frame (according to DIN 49075) may be required.
In combination with our smart radiator thermostat, the room temperature measured by the thermostat can be used to control several radiator heads in a room. By using our smart door/window magnetic contacts, the thermostat's set-point temperature is lowered to 4°C as soon as a fitted window is opened. Once all windows are closed, the thermostat automatically returns to the previously configured set-point temperature. You can also control your premium smart thermostat in conjunction with the premium smart home hub via the application and configure a number of automatic controls.
Scope of Delivery
  • 1x control unit (50 x 50 mm)
  • 1x cover frame
  • 1x installation box
  • 1x spacer
  • 1x user guide
Technical Infos
Connection terminals: Screw terminals for up to 1.5 mm2 wire diameter
Dimensions: 50x50x12 (LxBxH)
Energy-saving: yes
Max. number of connected devices: max. 20
Operation at: 0-40°C
Power reserve (in case of power failure): approximately 8 hours
Protection class: II
Protection rating: IP30
Range: Free field approx. 100 m inside the building approx. 30 m (depending on the building structure)
Smart: Yes
Standby power consumption: < 0,4 W
Supply voltage: 230 V / 50 Hz
Transmission frequency: 434,5 MHz
Transmitter power: max. 10 mW
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Smart thermostat premium