Easy to replace and convenient to control

With the smart electronic radiator thermostat, enjoy your desired comfort temperature in the room at any time - completely automatically. This works as a stand-alone solution thanks to an internal sensor, or via the HOMEPILOT. Simply replace your manual radiator actuator with the smart radiator thermostat.

Automatically set to the desired temperature

In the morning, the bathroom and kitchen are at just the right temperature. When you leave the house, for example, the heating automatically switches to energy-saving mode - in order to preheat the flat before you return home in the evening. For even greater energy efficiency: in combination with a door and window contact, the heating automatically switches off as soon as a window is opened in the room.

Control at any time and from anywhere

You can either set the smart radiator thermostat using the buttons directly on the device or control it via the HOMEPILOT app*. Via the app, you can control all radiators that have a smart radiator thermostat smart, individually or as a group, and integrate them into programmed routines. For example, all heaters turn down when you leave the flat or house. You can also control the heating via the app when you are out and about - and turn it up, for example, if you come home earlier than the programmed time. * in combination with Gateway premium.

Product highlights:
  • Control of the radiator directly on the device or, in combination with the premium smart home hub, in one step via the app.
  • Possible as a stand-alone solution or in combination with a premium smart thermostat and/or the premium smart home hub
  • Integrated detection of frost protection, scaling, and window opening (automatic temperature control when windows are opened)
  • Simple installation: the old radiator valves are replaced with the new intelligent radiator controller.
Product information "Smart radiator valve"
The smart radiator thermostat is an electronic thermostatic head that controls a radiator valve and regulates the room temperature. The radiator thermostatic has a boost function, frost detection, valve protection, and a child lock. Frost detection prevents the room from cooling below four degrees, an automatic valve shift protects against scaling, and there is a boost function for rapid room heating. The illuminated display can be rotated 180°. Thanks to the internal thermostat, the smart radiator thermostat can be used as a stand-alone solution. The radiator thermostatic can also be integrated into the HOMEPILOT smart home via the premium smart home hub and can thus be controlled via the HOMEPILOT application. This means you can control your radiators remotely at any time, via the HomePilot application. Manual operation is still possible using the buttons on the unit. The setting range is between 4 and 28°C. Intelligent heating control not only provides you with pleasant warmth at the desired time, but also improves energy efficiency. For installation, you replace your old radiator valves with the new radiator thermostat. To do this, fit the radiator thermostat directly onto the valve, or to one of the adapters supplied, and screw it on.
In combination with our premium smart thermostat, the room temperature measured by the thermostat can be used to control several radiator thermostats in a room. You can also control your smart radiator thermostat in conjunction with the premium smart home hub via the app and configure a number of automatic controls.
Scope of Delivery
  • 1x radiator thermostat
  • 1x cover
  • 3x Danfoss adapters (RA / RAV / RAVL)
  • 1x screw with nut
  • 2x AA 1.5 V / LR6 batteries
  • 1x installation instructions and user guide
Technical Infos
Battery lifetime: About 2 years with four activities a day
Battery type: 2 x 1,5 V (DC), AA, Alkaline
Dimensions: 56 x 68 x 89 mm
Energy-saving: yes
Operation at: 0-40°C
Protection rating: IP20
Smart: Yes
Supply voltage: 3 V, 5 V / 3 A (DC)
Transmission frequency: 434,5 MHz
Transmitter power: max. 10 mW
User manual
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Smart radiator valve