Small sensor - major help when it comes to saving energy

The door and window contact informs your connected smart applications - for example a radiator actuator - as to whether a window, balcony or patio door is open, closed or tilted. Depending on the status of the window or door, the smart devices react accordingly: the door and window contact reports an open window? The heating automatically turns down, which saves energy and reduces heating costs.

Compact and practical

Installation is simple, with the sensor is simply attached to the desired door or window. Its design is inconspicuous, and, with its compact construction, you can easily hide the sensor in the window or door frame so that it cannot be seen.

Always informed, wherever you are

Using the HOMEPILOT app, you can check whether all windows are closed while out and about. You can also receive notifications when a window is opened - for example, in the event of a break-in attempt: if you recognise an unintentionally opened window on the app, you can contact your neighbours or quickly make your way home.

Product highlights:
  • Battery-powered wireless detector for detecting whether a window is open, tilted, or closed or whether a door is open or closed.
  • Small, compact and unobtrusive, it can be installed concealed in the window frame
  • Easy to install with adhesive
Product information "Smart door and window contact"
The door and window sensor is a battery-operated wireless sensor equipped with magnetic technology for monitoring the status of windows and doors. Thanks to its small design, it is unique within the smart home sector The detector can thus be installed discreetly in the window frame and is visible from neither the inside nor the outside. Thanks to its two operating modes, the device can be used on both windows and doors. It thus detects whether windows or doors are open or closed and can trigger different routines on this basis. When a window or door is opened or closed, the sensor sends a wireless signal to the premium smart home hub. In combination with our premium smart home hub, this signal can be used as a routine trigger. If, for example, the patio door is open, the premium hub disables the automatic timer on the roller blind of the terrace door via the "Patio door OPEN" routine. The door/window magnetic contact is an added security feature. For example, you can check remotely whether all your windows are really closed. Or you will receive a notification if a window or door has been opened when no one is home. Thanks to the adhesive strips provided, the smart door/window magnetic contact is easy to install and can be easily removed in the event of a renovation or move.
In combination with our smart radiator thermostat, the door/window magnetic contact can, for example, inform the HOMEPILOT smart home system that a window has been opened and turn down the heating accordingly. If the window is closed, the radiators will switch on again to raise the temperature
Scope of Delivery
  • 1x sensor part (incl. housing, sensor, and electronics)
  • 1x cover for sensor part
  • 1x magnet
  • 4x round double-sided adhesive pads for temporary attachment of sensor part and magnet
  • 2x rectangular double-sided adhesive strips for final assembly
  • 1x cleaning cloth
  • 1x assembly instructions and user guide
Technical Infos
Battery lifetime: About 2 years with four activities a day
Battery type: 3 V Lithium Typ CR2032
Dimensions: 78 x 26 x 8,5 mm, Magnetteil: 17 x 26 x 8,5 mm
Operation at: 0-50°C
Protection rating: IP44
Smart: Yes
Supply voltage: 3 V
Transmission frequency: 434,5 MHz
User manual
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Smart door and window contact