Detects sun position and wind speed

Setting the limit values for brightness level and wind speed is incredibly simple, and can be performed directly on the display. Wind: 0 to 99 km/h, Brightness: 1 to 99 klux. If the limit values are exceeded, your connected devices are controlled accordingly: the awning or roller shutter is extended if bright conditions prevail for longer than 10 minutes, and the shade is retracted if the light level falls below the set limit value for 20 minutes. Retract at a set wind speed value to protect awnings. Then lock for 15 minutes to prevent immediate re-extension.

Smart helper - controls your other devices

You can connect the smart sun and wind sensor with up to three other devices, for example, belt winders and roller shutter motors. If defined limit values are exceeded, the sun and wind sensor controls these devices directly. In combination with the Gateway premium, you can register and control additional devices. You can also integrate the sensor's limit values into programmed sequences. There are no limits to your creativity.

Simple installation: no power connection required

The smart sun and wind sensor has a solar panel. Therefore, you do not require a power connection - the sensor charges itself. You can place it wherever you want, making it perfect for retrofitting. The sensor's wall mount can be swivelled. This means you can easily mount it on a wall, ceiling, or roof.

Product highlights:
  • Automated control of the sun protection based on the brightness and the wind (max. 3 smart devices)
  • If the individually set limit value is exceeded, the sensor sends a wireless command to the paired receivers.
  • All parameters can be easily adjusted using the control buttons and the device display
  • No electrical connection required: energy supply via solar cell with integrated battery
  • The swivel wall bracket enables wall or roof mounting
Product information "Smart sun and wind sensor"
With the smart sun and wind sensor, you can control smart roller blinds and sun protection devices based on the weather conditions, e.g. patio awnings, roller shutters, Venetian blinds, adjustable Venetian blinds, etc. To this end, the sensor measures the brightness and wind speed in real time.It can be set to brightness values ranging from 1 to 99 klux and reacts to sunlight after 10 minutes and to shade after 20 minutes. The wind sensor can be individually configured for wind speeds between 10 and 99 km/h. The wind speed thresholds can be adjusted based on the weather conditions. For example, a patio awning can be closed automatically after just two seconds of exceeding the limit value. The solar and wind sensor is powered by a solar cell. A built-in battery provides power to the device for 24 hours in the absence of sunlight.As the solar and wind sensor does not require an electrical connection, you can install it in any location you wish. Likewise, the swivel bracket means you can mount it on the wall or on the roof. The device is quick and easy to install, is immediately ready for use, and can be directly paired with smart devices, such as a premium smart roller blind motor, a smart roller blind actuator, or RolloTron smart belt winders. The integrated test function enables very short reaction times to light incidence and wind movements, as a means by which to verify that the configuration is working properly.
The solar and wind sensor can be used both as a stand-alone solution and as a system solution in combination with the premium smart home hub. This means that you can register and control your smart devices (e.g. premium smart roller blind motor, smart roller blind actuator) directly via sun and wind sensors. Direct pairing is limited to a maximum of 3 smart devices. If you want to control more than three devices via the solar and wind sensor, it can be integrated into the HOMEPILOT smart home via the premium smart home hub. The HOMEPILOT application then allows you to define personalised routines. For example, the roller blinds are lowered automatically when the configured brightness threshold is exceeded.
Scope of Delivery
  • 1x smart solar and wind sensor
  • 2x mounting screws (5 x 30 mm)
  • 2x dowels (8 mm)
  • 1x user guide
Technical Infos
Max. number of connected devices: 3
Operation at: -10 bis +60°C
Power reserve (in case of power failure): 24 hours
Protection rating: IP44
Smart: Yes
Sun sensor: 1-99 klux
Transmission frequency: 434,5 MHz
Transmitter power: max. 10 mW
Wind sensor: 10 km/h - 99 km/h
User manual
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Smart sun and wind sensor