Practical motion sensor for light control in interior spaces

The indoor motion detector is ideal for automatically switching on the light when it is really needed - and switching it off again when no one is in the area. The sensor is particularly useful in darker places, where people don't tend to hang around: staircases, hallways, basement rooms, or in the entrance area. The 50 x 50 mm dimensions mean the motion detector can be integrated into standard switch ranges. Depending on the switch range used, an intermediate frame may be required.

Stand-alone or combined operation: a wide range of possibilities

You can register smart switch actuators or adapter plugs with the sensors so that the light or other electrical appliances are automatically switched on when motion is detected. In combination with the Gateway premium Smart Home central control unit, much more is possible: motion detection, for example, can be used for routines, which you can conveniently programme via the HOMEPILOT app. As a stand-alone application or integrated into the HOMEPILOT Smart Home system: the motion detector is a versatile smart solution.

Product highlights:
  • Practical motion detector for controlling lighting
  • Possible as a stand-alone solution or in combination with several smart motion detectors and/or a premium smart home hub
  • Up to 10 m range with a 170° detection angle.
  • Can be integrated in place of existing switches
Product information "Smart motion detector"
The motion detector is a smart motion detector for indoor use that can be used to activate automation systems. It is ideal for tracking movements inside houses, stairwells, or corridors, thus facilitating intelligent lighting control. With a detection angle of approx. 170° on two horizontal levels and a detection range of up to 10 m, the motion detector guarantees reliable coverage of the detection field. The buttons on the device allow you to continue to switch the smart lighting on and off directly from the detector. In addition, the motion detector offers the ability to deactivate the automatic motion detection and switch to manual triggering mode at the touch of a button. The motion detector is suitable both for individual use (stand-alone) and in combination with other detectors. In stand-alone mode, it is possible, for example, to connect a lamp directly to the motion detector or to wirelessly link several smart receivers to the motion detector, which can then be used to control them. It is also possible to combine several motion detectors. To do this, you simply wirelessly pair several motion detectors. Combined operation is often used in stairwells, for example. Other functions, such as individually adjustable sensitivity, a time delay, and a continuously adjustable brightness limit value round off the functions of the smart motion detector.If you walk into a dark hallway with your arms full, a smart home light will prevent you from tripping. Motion detectors automatically provide light in the dark and allow you to find your way around - always where you need it, for example in the stairwell, cellar, or hallway.The smart motion detector is a built-in device for indoor use. The electrical connection is established using the connection terminals on the back of the installation box. Thanks to its dimensions of 50 x 50 mm, the motion detector can be integrated in place of an existing switch. Depending on the switch setup used, a 50 x 50 intermediate frame may be required.
You can connect our smart receivers or sockets directly to the motion detector and switch on the light or other electrical appliances when motion is detected. In combination with the premium smart home hub, there are many other possible uses. For example, you can use motion detection for routines that you have programmed via the HOMEPILOT application.
Scope of Delivery
  • 1x motion detector (50 x 50 mm)
  • 1x frame
  • 1x installation housing
  • 1x user guide
Technical Infos
Breaking capacity: 12 A resistive load, 6 A inductive load
Brightness limit: 5 Lux - 700 Lux
Capture Zones: upper level = 26 zones / lower level = 32 zones
Connection cross section: max. 1,5mm²
Detection angle: ca. 170°
Detection distance: ca. 10 m
Dimensions: 50x50x20 mm
Max. number of connected devices: max. 20
Operation at: 0-40°C
Protection class: II
Range: Free field approx. 100 m inside the building approx. 30 m (depending on the building structure)
Run-on time: 20 Sek - 30 Min
Sensitivity: 5 levels (min-max)
Smart: Yes
Standby power consumption: < 0,6 W
Supply voltage: 230 V / 50 Hz
Transmission frequency: 434,5 MHz
Transmitter power: max. 10 mW
User manual
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Smart motion detector